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How to Choose The Right Company to Deep Clean a Hospital?

Hospitals are significant buildings and contain a large number of people. Many of those people are unwell; that is why it is tough to conduct deep cleaning. Hospitals maintain high hygiene level standards to protect the patients and staff, especially if there is an outbreak of infection. Thus, hiring a commercial cleaning services company to perform  deep cleaning in a hospital is challenging.

Before choosing a healthcare cleaning company, you must ensure that cleaning professionals can help protect the health and safety of the patients and practitioners. From the first interview, there must be open communication between your facility supervisors and janitorial services provider. Discuss your facilities’ needs and discover the level of experience, services, and tools of each healthcare cleaning company.

Check if a commercial cleaning company’s technicians have extensive industry-specific training. Reliable cleaning personnel can grasp the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and when and where to implement each decontamination method. It would help if you also were particular about the cleaning products and equipment they will use for your hospital. Ensure that the cleaning company should use EPA-approved hospital-grade and sanitizers and disinfectants to eliminate harmful bacterias effectively. Healthcare companies should take safety precautions and provide their staff with necessary protective equipment and by practicing proper hazardous waste disposal methods to reduce the spread of infection.

Check the cleaning company’s ability to address the unique needs of your facility. A professional janitorial services can accurately articulate the cleaning procedures they would perform for each facility rather than a generalized cleaning plan. Make sure that the cleaning company’s safety and sanitation standard aligns with the HIPAA, AORN, CDC, EPA, and OSHA. Finally, check if they can work around your schedule. Choose a company with flexible scheduling to avoid interrupting your practice and detracting from the patient experience.

Our commercial cleaning company in Prospect Heights is always available for you. We have a patient-centered cleaning program that addresses each of the requirements of reliable healthcare cleaning services. We also offer office cleaning services, and you can rest assured that our service will meet the unique needs of your hospital and budget.


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