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How to Reduce the Risk of Viruses or Germ Infections in Your Workplace?

Germs and viruses can be easily spread through a brief handshake or by simply touching a doorknob that has been contaminated by an ill person. Especially with a new pandemic on the move, it is not advisable to be complacent even with the little actions we do since this could easily be the cause of spreading viruses or germs around, including the workplace. 

The best way to reduce the risk of viruses or germs in the workplace is through prevention. Office cleaning services and janitorial services are trained to keep your workspace not only clean but sanitized. You can keep everyone healthy and happy by practicing the following simple actions.


Practice Self-Care and Proper Hygiene

The best way to prevent the spread of viruses or germs in the workplace is by starting with yourself. When sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth and maintain at least one meter away from everyone else. If you have no handkerchief or disposable tissue at hand, sneeze or cough on the crook of your elbow to avoid contaminating your hands.

Although commercial cleaning services are available in most offices, make it a habit to clean as you go. For example, clear the area after eating in the pantry or another common area. Wipe down your station after work especially before the weekend. Take extra caution when you are feeling unwell. If your condition worsens, consider taking sick leave to not spread the germs in your workplace and with people you work with closely.

General Cleanliness 

It is hard to maintain a constantly clean environment when you have hundreds of people working inside a single building. The best approach would be to hire a janitorial team to do general office cleaning services every week or so. 

With general cleanliness, make sure there are available alcohol bottles by the entrance for everyone who enters the establishment, and liquid soaps in comfort rooms to encourage frequent hand washing. Use your elbows to touch elevator buttons and use your back to push swinging doors open if possible. Wherever you go, always have alcohol in your pocket for accessible sanitizing. You can also limit big meetings and only invite the people directly involved in the project to avoid unnecessary contact.

Clean High Surface Areas

High surface areas are especially susceptible to germs and bacteria. To avoid this, avail commercial cleaning services to regularly have these areas and items sanitized: doorknobs, desks, photocopy machines, computers, keyboards, mouse, and water fountains. You can also regularly clean your computer screens and gadgets using microfibre cloths, and keyboards with a cotton swab to clean in between the keys. Avoid eating at your desk especially foods that easily drop crumbs.

To sum, you can maintain a clean workplace by practicing self-care and proper hygiene whether alone or in a crowd, and by hiring sanitation teams to perform regular office cleaning services.

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