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What’s Commercial Cleaning? 

Commercial cleaning is defined as a cleaning company that provides commercial cleaning services and employs trained cleaners, which they offer to local businesses. The trained cleaners follow a specific set of cleaning standards.

Some commercial cleaning is similar to domestic cleanings, such as that of offices and small businesses. These resemble domestic homes in the furniture and furnishings that have to be cleaned and the solutions that are used.

Commercial office cleaning services are involved in the general day to day routine cleaning of offices and businesses, and also in larger jobs that are undertaken throughout the year and thorough deep cleaning services. Routine office cleaning jobs, including, washing carpets, cleaning and sanitizing workstations and desktops, and disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms, are common commercial cleaning tasks undertaken in office settings. In order to reduce disruption and distraction of employees, in the office, many cleaning professionals undertake office cleaning at night.

Commercial deep cleaning services include washing walls and all high-to-reach surfaces, steam cleaning furniture, carpet cleaning with industrial equipment. Commercial floor and carpet cleaning use heavy-duty equipment to compensate for the additional wear and tear in public spaces.

Types of commercial cleaning

There are different types of commercial cleaning, as different types cater to specific businesses. For example hotels and medical centers.

Here are some of the different types of commercial cleaning services:

  • Hotel housekeeping

This cleaning service is involved in the regular upkeep of hotels, the high traffic experienced by hotels makes regular cleaning necessary.

  • Office cleaning 

A clean and tidy office boosts worker productivity and gives a good impression to visitors and potential clients.

  • Medical facility cleaning

This is extremely important in the cleaning and eradication of a large number of bacteria and viruses that are present in medical facilities.  Professional cleaners are trained to perform a thorough cleaning of medical equipment and patient rooms.

  • Sports and leisure cleaning 

Cleaning of sports complexes includes the cleaning and sanitation of equipment and changing rooms and strict hygiene criteria.

  • Ventilation cleaning

This specialized cleaning service involves cleaning and maintaining vents and extraction units, in particular keeping them free from dust and debris

  • Window cleaning 

Window cleaners help make buildings look professional inside and out and keep the windows clear for good visibility of the employees.

All of these cleaning services will typically involve routine and general cleaning using a variety of commercial cleaning products, chemicals and techniques.

Why is commercial cleaning important?
It doesn’t matter what business you have, having a clean and sanitized workplace is extremely important for health and safety. In addition, it has been proved that employers are more motivated and more productive in a clean organized work environment. With less clutter, there are less objects to distract the employees. Working in a clean and fresh environment makes for a more pleasant experience and keeps staff and visitors healthier as well as happier.

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