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Green Clean System also known as APLUS System provides office cleaning services Chicago, IL that is carefully planned and professionally managed to prioritize the needs of each client with a customized approach. We handle every commercial cleaning we do as if it was for our own offices.

When you choose Green Clean System for your janitorial services near me in Chicago, you receive a highly trained, skilled, and motivated professional office cleaning team of janitorial specialists. We provide the highest quality janitorial services customized for your business.

Every one of our commercial cleaning services professionals is focused on meeting the needs of our customers. This is done with incredible attention to detail and a customer service level that is unmatched when it comes to janitorial services Chicago, IL.

Office Cleaning Chicago, Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services We Offer:


Our commercial cleaning services Chicago make Green Clean System the perfect way to ensure a clean and organized warehouse.

Let the professionals at Green Clean System take care of your office, making it look its best with the office cleaning services Chicago that allow you and your staff to focus on your business.

We have professional and experienced cleaning teams that can bring expertise with janitorial services in Chicago to make your facility clean and operate efficiently.


No matter what kind of floor you have, we have the tools and equipment to keep them looking new with our top-quality commercial cleaning services in Chicago.

Green Clean System’s commercial cleaning services Chicago include a thorough carpet cleaning that not only removes the dirt and grime but also makes your carpeted areas look fresh and new.


Windows are often neglected during an office cleaning, but our team of specialists with commercial cleaning Chicago understand that your windows harbor the same grime you want to eliminate from your office.


To give your workplace a totally clean appearance and shine, you need Green Clean System’s janitorial services near me in Chicago to take full care of all your flooring including floor cleaning, stripping, waxing, brushing and scrubbing. We’ll leave you with a shine that is like having new floors.

20 years in janitorial business. Always top-class office cleaning services

Why Choose Green Clean System’ Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning Services Chicago:

Professional Janitorial Services

Green Clean System team consists of the most experienced janitors Chicago. By working with us you can be sure you cooperate with one of the greatest commercial cleaning services in Chicagoland.

Same Day Estimates

We know that time is one of the most valuable things in business. Need a janitorial service or any other commercial cleaning right away? Fill out the contact form or call us and we will provide you an online estimate as fast as possible!

Top Rated Cleaning Service

Go ahead and search online for the reviews of our commercial cleaning & janitorial services in Chicago. Our customer reviews are the best proof of quality our janitors and office cleaners do.

Professional Cleaning Products

To provide professional janitorial services Chicago, Green Clean System uses high-grade commercial cleaning products. That’s how we ensure it’s done right to look and feel clean. Using the proper products goes a long way to a great cleaning.

Over 20 Years of Experience

You can count on our commercial cleaning services in Prospect Heights because we have seen and done it all. Over our 20-years of providing top-level office cleaning services Chicago, we’ve gained incredible experience to help you.

Affordable Cleaning Services

Keeping your business clean shouldn’t cost you your profits. That’s why with Green Clean System, you get expert office cleaning services in Chicago that you can afford. We make it easy to have a clean work environment time after time.

Green Clean System Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services Chicago Uses Only the Best Quality Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

At Green Clean System also known as APLUS System, all of our janitorial services near me in Chicago include cleaning products that are environmentally responsible. We have carefully hand-picked the right products that are free of harsh chemicals, are biodegradable, and are toxin-free, to leave a truly clean environment for our customers.

Our goal is to make sure your office cleaning services Chicago give you the workspace you need to stay productive, while also keeping a safe and healthy atmosphere. That’s why Green Clean System is a proud supporter of safe cleaning practices by reducing the use of toxic chemicals.

Green Clean System commercial cleaning services in Chicago is Green Clean Institute certified!

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Advantages of Green Clean System Professionals Janitorial Services near me in Chicago & Suburbs


There are many benefits to using Green Clean System for our professional commercial cleaning services in Chicago, IL. We offer the highest quality cleaning services in the region that helps raise employee morale, projects a positive image for your customers, and improves productivity for your business.

Many businesses try to forego professional commercial cleaning services in Chicago, leaving the job to their employees to handle. Not only are they not professionally trained to manage high-quality office cleaning duties, but also, they would rather stay productive doing their own work. That decreases motivation levels overall as cleaning takes time away from their business tasks.

By delegating the office cleaning services Chicago to a professional and qualified team, your staff gets more work done without the added stress of cleaning. Plus, your work environment receives a better clean that your employees and your clients can be impressed with.

Green Clean System also known as APLUS System has been providing top-level commercial cleaning services in Chicago and nearby suburbs for years. Contact our cleaning specialists to see why local businesses rely on our expertise for all kinds of janitorial services Chicago.

We also serve Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Mount Prospect, Schaumburg, and all nearby suburbs!

How to Hire Janitorial Services Chicago

Call or Request a Quote

Every office cleaning services Chicago begins with a detailed quotation of what you will receive for your janitorial services. That being said, you will have clarity from the very beginning. Contact us today.

Review and Accept Quote

If you agree on the office cleaning quote, then we can proceed to make an appointment for you. We are flexible and will accommodate the best date and time that fits your needs so you don’t have to alter your plans.

Enjoy Immaculate Tidiness

With Green Clean System you just need to enjoy our results, as our janitorial and commercial cleaning services Chicago are provided with the highest quality possible, so we can leave your office impeccably clean, and in a timely manner.

Hiring Professional Janitorial Services Chicago, IL – The Common Sense Approach

Get the Deep Cleaning – Commercial buildings and offices can become breeding grounds for allergy irritants like dust mites, germs and bacteria. Only a janitorial service like Green Clean System Chicago has the equipment, supplies and know-how to get down to the deep commercial cleaning level that will provide your customers and employees a safe, healthy atmosphere in which to work and do business. This will grow your business and keep your employees on the job and productive.

Get the Safe Cleaning Method – Janitorial services like Green Clean System are specifically trained in handling the potentially dangerous chemicals used to accomplish the aforementioned deep cleaning. Making sure the commercial cleaning equipment is in constant good repair and the chemicals are safely sealed and stored is vital to maintaining a safe work environment.

Call Green Clean System also known as APLUS System today for your janitorial service needs!

Green Clean System – Customers Reviews!

Green Clean System has been an amazing office cleaning service in Chicago, IL. I am so glad my friend recommended them. They are professional, reliable, responsible, and dependable. I am very pleased with their work. And their services are very reasonably priced!

Robert Daniles

I cannot thank Green Clean System enough for their amazing office cleaning services in Chicago. I have been using their services for the past 10 years and have loved every moment. I will continue to recommend Green Clean System to everyone I know!

Victor Hamrick

Green Clean System comes to my office three times a week, and they always do a stellar job. Every member of their team is very courteous and professional while they provide outstanding janitorial services in Chicago, IL. The difference between our office’s cleanliness before and after they started cleaning is quite noticeable. The office used to be dingy, but now I love coming to work! I highly recommend them!

Roy A. Hunt

What a flexible commercial cleaning service in Chicago, IL! My company has some very unique cleaning needs, and Green Clean System did not bat an eye in helping us deal with them. We’ve been using them for about five months now, and I foresee using them for many more. Their service and the cleaning itself are wonderful.

Robert Macias

Advantages of Commercial Cleaning Services Chicago

To determine if commercial cleaning services Chicago are the right fit for your office, you can review some aspects that a clean office can provide you for your business.

Improved Air Quality

Dust can hide in upholstered furniture and under carpets. This will impact the quality of air in a given space. We offer office cleaning services Chicago that can profoundly clean these surfaces, providing a crisp environment. 

Health Enhancements

A dusty office may end up causing lost workdays as employees may get sick. Skilled experts in office cleaning Chicago can perform commercial cleaning in the right way to have a healthy and impeccable space. 


Our janitorial services in Chicago at Green Clean System can make sure that your flooring is completely dry to avoid injuries and falls in conquered areas.

Experts Impression

A fresh commercial cleaning Chicago will ensure that your office is in the best possible status. Thus, you will give excellent first impressions. 

The Green Clean System Janitorial Services near Chicago, IL

Green Clean System is the premier provider of professional commercial cleaning services in Chicago and the rest of Chicagoland. See below for a complete list of the areas we serve.

Buffalo Grove, IL

Elk Grove Village, IL

Northbrook, IL

Prospect Heights, IL

Aurora, IL

Park Ridge, IL

Arlington Heights, IL

Des Plaines, IL

Lake Forest, IL

Wheeling, IL

Libertyville, IL

Naperville, IL

Niles, IL

Villa Park, IL

Schaumburg, IL


Vernon Hills



La Grange


Mount Prospect



Wood Dale



Lake Zurich


Franklin Park



Our Commercial Cleaning Services near me in Chicago Will Help Your Business Operate More Efficiently.

Sometimes, you may not have the energy to clean and organize your workspace that is needed to be productive. Great news, our professional office cleaning services are available to put you back on track with more advantages below:


Great First Impressions

A positive first impression is crucial in any business because it attracts clients, collaborators, and customers. To achieve the best impression, hire commercial cleaning services Chicago to help you. 


Boost Employee Productivity

A messy workspace can distract employees, hindering them from performing their best. Chicago janitorial services can be the answer to boost productivity in the workplace everyone needs. 


Lift Office Morale

Getting bored or uninspired at work can simply be caused by a dirty workspace, so we give you commercial cleaning services to instantly lift the office mood. 


Reduce Sick Days

Illness-causing agents are always lurking in the workspace. Still, our office cleaning services can easily combat them with sanitation techniques best to eliminate these contaminants, reducing sick days.

Learn More About Commercial Cleaning Chicago With Us!

Commercial cleaning is defined as a cleaning company that provides commercial cleaning services and employs trained cleaners, which they offer to local businesses. The trained cleaners follow a specific set of cleaning standards. Some commercial cleaning is similar to domestic cleanings, such as that of offices and small businesses. These resemble domestic homes in the furniture and furnishings that have to be cleaned and the solutions that are used. Commercial office cleaning services are involved in the general day to day routine cleaning of offices and businesses, and also in larger jobs that are undertaken throughout the year and thorough deep cleaning services. Routine office cleaning jobs, including, washing carpets, cleaning and sanitizing workstations and desktops, and disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms, are common commercial cleaning tasks undertaken in office settings. In order to reduce disruption and distraction of employees, in the office, many cleaning professionals undertake office cleaning at night. Commercial deep cleaning services include washing walls and all high-to-reach surfaces, steam cleaning furniture, carpet cleaning with industrial equipment. Commercial floor and carpet cleaning use heavy-duty equipment to compensate for the additional wear and tear in public spaces. Types of commercial cleaning There are different types of commercial cleaning, as different types cater to specific businesses. For example hotels and medical centers. Here are some of the different types of commercial cleaning services: Hotel housekeeping This cleaning service is involved in the regular upkeep of hotels, the high traffic experienced by hotels makes regular cleaning necessary. Office cleaning  A clean and tidy office boosts worker productivity and gives a good impression to visitors and potential clients. Medical facility cleaning This is extremely important in the cleaning and eradication of a large number of bacteria and viruses that are present in medical facilities.  Professional cleaners are trained to perform a thorough cleaning of medical equipment and patient rooms. Sports and leisure cleaning  Cleaning of sports complexes includes the cleaning and sanitation of equipment and changing rooms and strict hygiene criteria. Ventilation cleaning This specialized cleaning service involves cleaning and maintaining vents and extraction units, in particular keeping them free from dust and debris.  Window cleaning  Window cleaners help make buildings look professional inside and out and keep the windows clear for good visibility of the employees. All of these cleaning services will typically involve routine and general cleaning using a variety of commercial cleaning products, chemicals and techniques. Why is commercial cleaning important? It doesn’t matter what business you have, having a clean and sanitized workplace is extremely important for health and safety. In addition, it has been proved that employers are more motivated and more productive in a clean organized work environment. With less clutter, there are less objects to distract the employees. Working in a clean and fresh environment makes for a more pleasant experience and keeps staff and visitors healthier as well as happier. [...]
A clean office is the face of a successful business. Employees working in a fresh environment experience an improvement in their productivity and motivation, as it makes them feel comfortable and safe. Rather than spending your own time and resources on cleaning, Chicago has a big market of professional office cleaning services to do the job for you. Choosing the right cleaning company for you is crucial to maintaining a flawless image of your business. That’s why we share with you the characteristics of a good provider of office cleaning services. Free Estimates And Proposals A reliable office cleaning company will perform a thorough inspection of your facilities to identify your needs, and plan the services that you need. They should be in close contact with you, and timely deliver a free estimate and service proposal with the commercial cleaning tasks they can perform for you. Quality And Eco-Friendly Tools And Products Premium commercial cleaning companies don’t come cheap when it comes to ensuring a flawless workspace for you. Using high-quality products is only the first essential step. Going for eco-friendly products and practices will give the extra touch for a safe and healthy environment for you and your coworkers. Company Reputation You can find office cleaning companies that have built a good reputation and a solid client base. An experienced staff for office cleaning services adds up to their credibility and customer satisfaction. If you are tempted to go for a new company you haven’t heard of, try to find out their website and read reviews of the services they offer. If you are looking for premium office cleaning companies, you can’t go wrong with APLUS. Call us today and find out why we have the best office cleaning services in the area. [...]
You have to take a look at the full picture before you make the decision to consult with commercial cleaning services. This is done by analyzing exactly what you need. Most cleaning companies don’t do the best job they can do and leave places that still need to be looked at. It’s best to find a company that caters to your specific job type to get the best results. You always want to do a deep clean which calls for the use of disinfectants on surfaces that can make your structure stay in good working condition for longer. Always take into consideration how frequently you want commercial cleaning services to come to your office. We compiled a list of important factors to look for when choosing your janitorial services company. Things that can help to foster positive office cleaning measures. Do you have a low or high-traffic office? How big are your employees at the office? Are there clients constantly leaving and coming back? Are there areas you would like to be cleaned in a more consistent area like bathrooms, breakrooms, or client-facing spaces? You should always keep certain areas in your building in tip-top condition and a commercial cleaning company can help do just that. These areas include break rooms and bathrooms. There are a few reasons why this is the case: Breakrooms These areas are constantly inhabited by a number of people who could be bringing germs and hazardous bacteria throughout the building. Food is another concern as it is oftentimes left over and contains toxins that can make the area less desirable to be in as well as a cause illness. Restrooms This area can become the most unwelcoming space in your building rather quickly as bodily fluids, dirty tissue paper and wrappers are commonly disposed of here. Hiring an office cleaning service to keep this area controlled can greatly impact the cleanliness of your office space. Choosing APLUS means you are choosing a company that delivers exceptional cleaning to your office space that keeps your employees safe and healthy. Contact us today for a free estimate and see how we can make your work environment more employee and client-friendly. [...]
Janitorial services are classified under the branch of commercial cleaning services offered in professional office settings typically found in factories, medical facilities, financial institutions, and many other general places of businesses. The type of janitorial service performed depends on the type of facility that´s to be cleaned. For example, a medical office would require a different set of cleaning supplies and tools than a general office cleaning. It’s best to search for a company that already has experience in the specific type of cleaning that you need for the workspace to ensure it adjusts to your needs and specifications. Before making a decision, it is important to know the different types of commercial cleaning services that are available for you to select from. What Is the Difference Between Janitorial Services and Cleaning Services? Although janitorial services and cleaning services may seem interchangeable, the key differences between them should be considered and are outlined in the following. Janitorial services tend to fall under housekeeping, general upkeep, and maintenance. Depending on the level of services of each company, this service mainly includes janitors cleaning every day which maintains a commercial space constantly clean. Companies can also specialize in industry-specific cleaning services such as in the case of medical offices and facilities which require more in-depth sanitation. Others can offer construction site cleanings, one-time jobs, or ongoing regular maintenance programs. On the other hand, cleaning services tend to refer to a more thorough, comprehensive task beyond the scope of a janitorial service. This includes commercial cleaning that is considered heavy duty and much more demanding. These types of sporadic commercial cleaning tasks are usually only needed when business owners or managers find themselves in specific circumstances or during important office events. [...]
Commercial windows play an important role in your business, firstly, because they allow light to flow into the working space, supplying your staff with fresh air and natural light. Secondly, your windows are the first thing potential customers see when they approach your business or retail store, so it is essential that your windows are kept clean. Dirty windows will give a terrible impression of your business and they will darken the interior of your building, making it look gloomy. Many people only clean the windows if they notice large marks. Regular cleaning, however, should be one of your top priorities. How Often  Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned? How often your windows should be cleaned, depends upon a few factors. Firstly, the location of your building. If your offices are situated on a busy street or near construction works, they will need cleaning more frequently, due to dirt and dust build-up and smoke from the vehicles. If your building is in close proximity to trees, sap and dead leaves from the trees may affect the cleanliness of your windows and also bird and other wildlife droppings if they drop onto the glass. For the majority of offices, cleaning the windows every 3 or 4 months should be sufficient to keep the windows looking clean. Retail stores need to clean their windows more frequently, maybe every 2 months, because the first thing that customers see is the windows, especially if they have a window display. Medical offices require regular cleaning each month, in order to keep their offices sanitized. Contact us at APLUS System, we offer janitorial services, professional office cleaning, and commercial cleaning services. [...]
The importance of maintaining a clean office may seem obvious, but what’s the big deal? A clean office directly reflects on the company itself. It proves a company’s deep concern for satisfaction and quality, incredibly important elements for any business. No matter if you’ve been hired to clean an office or are supervising the commercial cleaning of any facility, the value cleaning can contribute to a workplace is priceless. Lessening spread of illness The reduction of illness risks is the main reason for office cleaning services. Everyday office objects can be a petri dish in which germs can breed. A routine for daily disinfecting and cleaning may significantly reduce the risk of illness spreading through your office. This helps to maintain happy and healthy staff as well as reduce or eliminate the loss of business productivity potentially triggered by numerous employee sick days. Increases Safety Changes in season tend to call for additional cleaning time. Appropriate floor care and consistent janitorial services can prevent slip-and-fall dangers and minimize other safety risks. Soil and moisture can be trapped before touching your floors through the use of commercial matting. Additionally, this contributes to the prevention of unnecessary wear on your flooring and helps save on cleaning time. Makes a space more inviting Guests and employees should feel comfortable and safe in your office. You can make certain an excellent first impression by utilizing commercial cleaning services to keep your lobby area clean. Floors must be kept clear of debris and vacuumed daily. Cleaning doors and windows, trash removal, and spot cleaning of desks, walls, and much more other surfaces are other daily tasks that should be included. [...]