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Most Often Overlooked Areas During Office Cleaning

Light Switches and Doors

The entire staff touches light switches and doors many times every day. Disinfecting each one requires more time than most office cleaning companies are prepared to devote. At APLUS System, a commercial cleaning company, we take great care to clean all surfaces in order to remove as many germs and bacteria as possible.

Windows and Blinds

Although they don’t contain bacteria, blinds harbor enormous amounts of dust, which makes the office feel dismal and also causes hazardous dust particles and even mites that affect the air in the office. Our janitorial services make certain that even the most neglected areas of the office are cleaned.


Air vents and other venting areas are clogged with dust and other pollutants drawn from throughout the building. According to the company providing the best janitorial services in Chicago, paying special attention to office cleaning will make the office smell nicer and the air will be cleaner.

Staying ahead of the game and hiring a commercial cleaning service, such as APLUS System, really saves money by creating a healthier workplace for your staff, which equates to fewer sick times and happier employees. Contact us today!

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